Learn about how our wide range of fully managed service options make wishes come true for organizations of all sizes.

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It’s one thing to say you do great work – it’s another to show it.



As we offer a wide range of fully managed service options for organizations of all sizes, we started our successful journey with HRsmart, a global talent management software……..



Brainsy’s patented technology and turnkey services enable individuals, organizations, and associations to create Expert Calling Networks or “ECNs.” An ECN® is a knowledge…..



Impact Workforce Technology (IWT) is a software development and support firm focused on developing vendor management solutions that serve both the staffing…..



Talexes launches a world class employee assessment delivery platform in only 7 months, for faster TTM and enhanced client satisfaction…….


You need experienced resources who can ramp up quickly, work efficiently, and use the knowledge thet gain about your business over time to your advantage – and that’s just what we provide.

faster Ramp Up

Faster Ramp-Up

Fast access to experienced programming talent in multiple global markets. Programmers are highly educated, trained and experienced.

Increased ROI

This return is over and above the cost of hiring programmers in-house.

Increased ROI
Increased ROI

Knowledge Retention

The typical outsourcing model has a major disadvantage in that the knowledge obtained building your project is not retained by you, and thus when you do your next project, the new team has to start over. Our model ensures that your Genies remain engaged with you for a long time, retaining the knowledge and expertise that they build along the way.

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