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NuMinds Enrichment was founded in 2013 to start a revolution of awakening education through real, inspired learning.

Learning that focuses on genuine passions, curriculum that is driven by curiosity and authentic and meaningful gains in knowledge, skills, insight, and inspiration.



Ben Koch, CEO, co-founded NuMinds Enrichment in 2013 with Justin Vawter, CCO, to start a “revolution of awakening education through real, inspired learning.” NuMinds focuses on creating curricula based on students’ passions, curiosities, and talents to inspire meaningful learning. As a startup, NuMinds ran into issues in scaling the business, providing tech support on new platforms, and establishing their business internationally.

“As a smaller startup with limited staffing and resources, it was very hard for us in the process of scaling out. Especially as we scaled out globally,” Ben said. “When the pace that we wanted to scale and expand outgrew our current expertise, that is when we knew we needed to make a change.”


Ben and Justin found the solution to their growing pains with TechGenies. They were able to find the help they needed to expand globally and launch new platforms for their evergrowing student body. “TechGenies’ ability to listen to our exact needs and not fit us into a cookie cutter solution while working directly together on customizable and flexible solutions, were key to our successful launches and ongoing initiatives,” Ben stated.

Speaking about a recent project between NuMinds and TechGenies, Ben said, “In response to COVID, we launched a brand new virtual platform very quickly that required marketing and web expertise that we didn’t have in house. We were able to overcome that hurdle with the partnership of TechGenies and were able to quickly get that platform out there.”


Custom Solutions

“If you are a business owner or leader and you are looking for versatile and scalable solutions that are designed to meet your needs, I highly recommend looking at Techgenies as a solution partner.”

Low Cost

Even as a startup, Numinds was able to achieve their business goals as a startup company with a limited budget.


TechGenies provided a range of IT and marketing solutions for NuMinds to fill the skills gap within the organization.