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Transforming Hiring with AI-driven Video Interviewing

intervU.ai is a leading provider of AI-driven video interviewing solutions, revolutionizing the traditional hiring process by focusing on people rather than resumes. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, intervU.ai addresses two critical challenges in hiring: reducing time to hire and improving the quality of hire.


Time to Hire

Traditional interviewing processes often consume significant time and resources, leading to delays in filling crucial positions.

Quality of Hire

Identifying the most suitable candidates from a pool of applicants can be an overwhelming task, often resulting in suboptimal hiring decisions.


intervU.ai offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges by delegating the interviewing process to their AI-driven platform. This allows organizations to streamline their hiring workflows, spending less time on interviews and more time on strategic hiring decisions.

Key Features

Comprehensive Interviews

intervU.ai ensures that all candidates undergo a structured interview process, regardless of the volume of applicants.


With intervU.ai, thousands of interviews can be conducted in just one hour, significantly reducing the time required for candidate evaluation.

Multifaceted Assessment

The AI system evaluates candidates based on three key aspects: speech content (NLP), body language, and tone of voice, providing a holistic understanding of each candidate’s suitability.

Employee Cloning

Organizations can introduce their best-performing employees to the AI system and task it with finding exact replicas, facilitating the identification of top talent.

Best-Fit Score

intervU.ai goes beyond traditional metrics by identifying the most suitable candidate based on a holistic assessment, rather than solely focusing on qualifications or experience.


With intervU.ai, organizations experience significant improvements in their hiring processes. They achieve faster time-to-hire, ensuring that critical positions are filled promptly without compromising on the quality of candidates. Moreover, intervU.ai’s AI-driven approach enhances the overall efficiency and accuracy of candidate evaluation, leading to more informed hiring decisions and improved employee retention rates.

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