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As a startup, FutureSolve faced the challenge of creating an ambitious HR Tech (human resources technology) product within a limited amount of time during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We were concerned until we met with TechGenies,” said Andy Najjar, COO and Co-founder of FutureSolve.

“When we started FutureSolve, we had to finish our technology vision within a very tight timeline. TechGenies created and executed a project roadmap that completely brought our vision to life on time and under budget,” said Andy Najjar, CEO of Futuresolve.



Andy found his solution with TechGenies. FutureSolve was able to find the tech talent they needed by working with a company that understood the reality of the project scope at hand.

“The moment we knew we would partner with TechGenies was when we received the proposal. Not only could they work within our timeline, but they understood the bigger picture. Companies we previously explored could not comprehend what we wanted FutureSolve to be. TechGenies really heard us and understood our goals upon the initial quote,” Andy stated.

TechGenies bridged the skills gap FutureSolve was looking for to develop their innovative HR Marketplace and consultancy. Andy said, “for us, our website is our product. TechGenies’ help in building our marketplace was critical to our success.”

FutureSolve Tech Stack

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • WordPress & WooCommerce
  • Custom MultiVendor and eCommerce Marketplace – WCFM based platform
  • HubSpot Functions and Automations
  • Custom WP & Divi Modules
  • – PHP, JS, JQuery, JSON


“We had a very tight timeline. One of the top reasons I would recommend TechGenies would be for their fast technology delivery.”

Low Cost
FutureSolve was able to achieve its business goals as a startup company within its budget.

TechGenies provided a range of IT and marketing solutions for FutureSolve to fill the skills gap on their project.