Hexa Coworking

Hexa Coworking provides physical and virtual environments to companies like TechGenies to foster collaboration, innovation, and growth.

Hexa Global Ventures

Hexa Global Ventures enables member companies like TechGenies to thrive with strategy, talent, and access to capital.

Agency 50

Agency 50 works with TechGenies to deliver a seamless experience in product go-to-market, user experience design, and brand storytelling.


Engage Talent

ENGAGE is an AI-powered recruiting platform that helps companies identify and target new talent that they were not finding via traditional methods and in traditional pools.



ENGAGE Talent boasts a powerful platform that helps recruiters source, track, and engage passive talent. Before the software took shape, ENGAGE was struggling to source niche technology resources. New resources had to meet the startup company’s budget constraints, work flexible hours, and have the skills to develop a cutting-edge tech stack.

“We needed access to talent with a very specific skillset of data analytics, development, and design. It was hard to find someone who had all the requirements we were looking for. Those in the U.S. who did manage to match all the skills, were out of our budget,” said Chief Strategy Officer, Joseph Hanna.

ENGAGE Talent looked to traditional outsourcing companies and feared their small startup would not be able to manage teams overseas. Mr. Hanna said, “managing outsourced teams within large corporations can be a challenge, so there were a lot of questions about if we were going to be able to make it work.”


After initial conversations with TechGenies, it became clear that Mr. Hanna had found the solution. ENGAGE Talent would bridge the skills gap with TechGenies staff augmentation and project delivery services.

“Over time it was clear we needed to try something new. The TechGenies model is different from regular offshoring companies, which is a huge differentiator for us. We were able to share our fears with TechGenies and found a customized plan that would be successful,” stated Mr. Hanna. “Our overseas technology team is truly an integrated extension of the team we have here.”

With staff augmentation from TechGenies, ENGAGE Talent had access to the skill sets needed on their team with a price they could afford. 


Building Long-Lasting Relationships

“The relationship we were able to build with the team over the years has been a big differentiator.”

Low Cost

“TechGenies was able to add more capacity to our team while being very economical.”


“The business goals were to develop a very cutting-edge tech stack. They brought the experience we needed to the table.”