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Hexa Coworking provides physical and virtual environments to companies like TechGenies to foster collaboration, innovation, and growth.

Hexa Global Ventures

Hexa Global Ventures enables member companies like TechGenies to thrive with strategy, talent, and access to capital.

Agency 50

Agency 50 works with TechGenies to deliver a seamless experience in product go-to-market, user experience design, and brand storytelling.


Unleash Agility with Custom Staff Augmentation

In today’s dynamic tech landscape, HR agility is key. Our IT staff augmentation services are specifically designed to bridge the talent gaps in your organization, ensuring you have the skilled personnel needed to manage specific projects or execute time-sensitive assignments.
By thoroughly assessing your current resources and technology assets, we develop a customized staffing plan, ensuring the right IT professionals are aligned with your specific needs.

Our global reach, combined with a decade of expertise in IT staffing, positions us uniquely to support your HR requirements, ensuring you have the right people, with the right skills, exactly when you need them. Let us help you navigate the complexities of today’s tech world with our comprehensive staff augmentation services.

Global Talent, Local Impact

With delivery centers in eight countries across six different time zones, our decade-long experience in IT staffing sets us apart. We take pride in hiring our own people, allowing us to build teams that can be managed directly by you or by us, depending on your preference. Our approach is to operate as a true partner, involving you in the decision-making process, ensuring the team we build is an extension of your own team.

Accessing Global Talent

Extend your reach beyond the U.S. with our nearshore and offshore hiring capabilities. We understand the challenges of finding the right talent locally, so we offer you access to a global pool of skilled professionals. This approach ensures you have the best team, whether they’re just next door or across the ocean.

A Team Tailored to You

The team we build for you is unique, crafted to seamlessly augment and integrate with your existing workforce. We focus on cultural fit and dedication, ensuring our staff is exclusively committed to your project and aligned with your company’s ethos. This personalized approach guarantees that the team we assemble will resonate with your organizational culture and work style.

Flexibility and Redundancy at Your Fingertips

Our staffing solutions are designed for flexibility and redundancy. With subsidiaries in various global locations, you have the advantage of a diversified talent pool under one unified agreement. This setup not only simplifies the hiring process but also provides cost-effective solutions to fit any budget.

The Power of Choice and Speed

Our global presence is a significant advantage when it comes to fulfilling your staffing needs quickly and efficiently. Upon your request, we tap into all our markets simultaneously, leveraging our internal recruitment team and cutting-edge tools to build a robust pipeline of tech talent. This approach allows us to quickly staff your project with qualified professionals, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

Empowering Your Workforce Through Our Global PEO

TechGenies redefines staff augmentation by operating as a global Professional Employer Organization (PEO), offering comprehensive human resource solutions.

PEO Plus Advantage

Beyond traditional PEO services like payroll and benefits administration, TechGenies adds a layer of strategic services in a “PEO+” model. We further blend the efficiency of a PEO with the intelligence of cultural matching, aligning teams with your corporate ethos and country-specific nuances.

Customized Team Building

Our approach goes beyond mere staff provision. We curate teams that resonate with your business culture and operational needs, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced productivity.

Beyond Ordinary

TechGenies’ PEO+ model is not just about administrative ease. It’s about building a workforce that’s not only skilled but also culturally aligned with your organization, ensuring long-term efficiency and success.