Zia Alizai

Country Manager – Pakistan

Zia is a technology enthusiast with a love of growing startups. He started his career in a startup and has been working with many for a long time with his passion for his work he has made those startups grow and mark up to multi-million tech companies.

Lee Delahoussaye

Zia has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences. So with a career start as a game developer, it has been for around ten years now that he is enthusiastically serving the technology startup industry.

Zia has a lot of interest in architecture and art, is a very polite and straightforward person, and always prioritizes his employees’ peace of mind. So to avoid all the fuss of human errors he keeps his focus on productivity, professionalism, and value addition. Zia strives to bring wonders in the world of developmental sciences and for that, he is equally considerate towards his physical health.