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Now that we’ve settled into remote working if we’re able to, is anyone ever really going back into the office?

Probably not the way we once did, experts suggest.

More than half the U.S. workforce (56%) has a job that is at least partially compatible with remote work, Global Workplace Analytics reports. And even before the coronavirus crisis that sent anyone who could go into a home office, employees were clamoring for some flexibility. Research repeatedly showed an estimated 80% of employees wanted the option to work from home at least part of the time.

From finance to consulting, to technology, one thing is clear: very few are going back any time soon.

Google’s parent company Alphabet has said it plans to open offices for up to 15% of works this month, but most people who can work from home will – even through the end of this year, CNBC reports.

Similarly, Facebook announced many of its employees will be allowed to work from home permanently, according to the New York Times.

For businesses, there is more to gain by embracing remote work than employee engagement – Global Workplace Analytics estimates business save about $11,000 per employee each year for every employee who works remotely half the time.

Technology Solutions: What Business Need to Commit to Remote Work

Executives and managers have long expressed concerns over remote work, namely declines in productivity and disconnected employees.

But with the right corporate software development, those concerns can easily be assuaged. The business should ensure they have a few key technology solutions in place, including:

  • Mobile app development to ensure employees can stay productive anywhere.
  • Powerful bot development to help manage rote requests for departments like IT and HR.
  • Cloud computing enables easier collaboration.
  • Effective enterprise software implementation to ensure employees can manage products and track customer relationships easily and effectively.
  • Cutting-edge communication platforms to facilitate meetings and working sessions of any size, enable casual conversation, and support team connectivity. 
  • User-friendly project management technology to ensure deadlines are met.
  • Time tracking technology to promote accuracy, efficiency, and honesty. 

How IT Outsourcing Can Help with Remote Work Transition

With very little lead time, IT departments had to sprint to support entire organizations moving to remote work, and in some cases, it strained technology functions, like healthcare systems, for one, looking to bolster security in a sprint to enable support staff to work remotely. 

Businesses looking to limit their security risks and avoid technology overwhelm can leverage IT staff augmentation services to garner top talent for their technology solutions – but with lower costs and more flexibility. 

Your business should also have the freedom to determine how much you outsource – whether it’s the full project management of a custom software development effort or just some support navigating software quality assurance, bringing in outside talent can help relieve your internal IT talent without blowing the budget. 

In the long run, implementing the right technology will make all the difference for remote work. We’re not just talking about videoconferencing. 

Advanced analytics can help prioritize work, and secure data-access technology can enable better collaboration. 

When done well, remote work can be a win for employees and businesses – maybe even a key differentiator. “Most importantly, you have a world of talent to choose from versus a localized area, Hubstaff co-found Dave Nevogt told SHRM Online. This opens you up to getting people that are truly specialists at what they do, which in many cases can make the difference of a business’ succeeding or failing,” All 42 employees at Nevogat’s firm work remotely.

Is your business ready to adopt remote work?

Our Genies can help take your technology to the next level, freeing you to give remote work the green light even after the pandemic eases. When you have the technology solutions your business needs, you’re free to enjoy the benefits of a remote workforce. Tell us how we can help you get started today at info@techgenies.com