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As companies grow, they need to grow their product and invest in technology expands. At the same time, other operational priorities put pressure on cash availability. As a result, the Build Operate Transfer (BOT) model has gained popularity as a project financing methodology. The model works like this: a business entity (the client) hires another organization (the vendor) to finance, build, and operate a facility or business operation, often in a new territory or country, with the stipulation that the operation of the facility will ultimately be transferred to the client.

Who Needs Build Operate Transfer for IT Services?

Clients who use the BOT model for the expansion of IT services typically need additional IT team members or are startups seeking to build their technology team. These companies may not have, or want to spend, the time or resources needed to establish an office, hire a team, etc. This is especially true if the company wants to build its team in an overseas, low-cost market.

What are the Benefits of Build Operate Transfer for IT services?

Companies that offer the BOT model for IT services, like TechGenies, have access to high-quality talent in several global locations.

TechGenies can Build an IT services operation from the ground up in one of several global locations, allowing the client to realize the following savings:

  • Avoid the cost and work required to establish a legal entity in that country
  • Eliminate initial overhead costs for administrative, accounting, and legal overhead to establish the team
  • Bypass hassle and long-term commitment of leasing office space and arranging services (utilities, internet) to that office space
  • Eliminate recruiting time and expenses to find qualified candidates
  • Reduce the initial go-to-market time significantly

TechGenies will Operate your IT services operation and handle all facets of running the team. (We can also provide training and tech support to employees at your other locations.) We handle everything to enable your remote IT operation to onboard smoothly, then expand quickly and easily.

Then, when you are ready, we Transfer the remote IT team to you. We will assist you with every step of the transition, from locating the office space to securing utilities or finding additional vendors when needed. Best of all, the IT team you have come to know and count on is with you just as they were from the first day.

Mark (Maan) Hamdan
Mark (Maan) Hamdan