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4 Ways Apps Improve Customer Experience and Grow Revenue A well-designed app can enhance your customers’ experience and increase their level of engagement with your brand. To achieve these brand bolstering benefits, however, the app needs to be genuinely useful to the customer. Part of this is ensuring your app makes each customer’s engagement with your brand faster and easier.  Information at a Touch Our world runs on information, and it’s no secret that the internet is flooded with an abundance of answers to questions we didn’t even know we asked. With information flying at us everywhere we go, it’s more important than ever to provide your customers with easy access to relevant information they actually need. For your customers, this obviously creates a more satisfying experience with your brand. Offering options like Natural Language Processing or simple databases of information that are easy to use can help answer their questions as well as direct them to your brand. In addition, company contact information should be available through the app, making it easier to reach you for assistance … or upgrades. Instant Customer Service We’ve probably all seen chat windows that pop up on websites or within apps that promise assistance right away, but too often there is no real help to be gained from these poor attempts to boost company revenue through the guise of being helpful. Live chat integration, when done right, can be immensely useful to your customers, making it fast and easy for them to get help with specific issues. It enables you to provide live, on-the-spot help to customers, allowing them to get problems or questions resolved in a quick and convenient way, and ultimately that is the way to boost revenue. Feedback and Improvement Customers need their voices to be heard, and you need to be able to hear those voices. Getting blasted on social media for a bad customer experience can be a nightmare for companies to recover from. Luckily, providing access to live chat or online forums through an app can allow customers a pathway to collaborate on solutions, provide feedback, and avoid the dreaded Twitter or Yelp blast of shame. This type of customer focused feature integration is not only useful to your customers, but will help give you quick access to data that will guide future company decisions as you further improve the end users’ experience with your brand. Designing an App Mobile apps can help your customers immensely and build customer loyalty, but again, this is only possible if the app is well designed. You need a skilled team to put an app together and handle all the gritty details, but sometimes, that team can cost more than your company’s budget will allow. TechGenies can provide assistance with putting those teams together, which is especially useful for startups looking to make their mark. When you need a skilled software development team to help you put together a useful app for your customers, contact TechGenies for team augmentation and software development services.