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Tarek Hamdan

Country Manager – Argentina / Head of sales LATAM

Tarek Hamdan holds a bachelor’s degree in Latin American Studies and a minor in Business from the University of Texas at Austin.

Tarek Hamdan
Before joining Techgenies, Tarek founded several small businesses in Argentina and Lebanon. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and believes that entrepreneurs are key for solving the real problems that societies face every day. Tarek is fluent in 4 languages and is learning Portuguese as he is eager to connect with Brazilian entrepreneurs and businesses in the hopes of continuing the expansion of Techgenies to all Latin America.

Having lived over a decade in Argentina, Tarek is happy to be back, managing the office of Techgenies, in Buenos Aires. His goal is to make Techgenies´ services accessible to all businesses in Latin America, giving them the tools they need to expand globally quickly. Tarek loves to interact with people, learn about their needs and challenges, and help them overcome them.

Tarek loves to watch and play soccer and, is a huge fan of Argentina´s Boca Juniors.