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Companies of all sizes are frequently challenged when they need IT personnel. It is difficult to find the right resources in a market where shortages of talent persists. Moreover, the number of resources needed can fluctuate over time creating an uncertain recruiting environment.

Very often organizations who find themselves in this situation outsource their IT projects, usually to an offshore provider who promises quick delivery and savings over hiring and onboarding full time IT personnel. But many companies have discovered a better alternative in staff augmentation and thus receive better returns.

Staff augmentation (sometimes called co-employment) solves many of the problems that outsourcing purports to solve, but without the negatives.

Staff Augmentation provides full control
With staff augmentation, organizations have the opportunity to interview and select their staff and “own” these resources for the duration of the engagement. These full-time workers are dedicated to the client who controls their work, processes and schedules. TechGenies takes this one step further by allowing the client to retain their resources even after they end their engagement with TechGenies.

 IT Outsourcing may be inefficient
With outsourcing, the resources working on your project are owned and controlled by the outsourcing vendor. The vendor determines allocation of his personnel, work processes, strategy, work schedules, etc. Very often those assigned to your project are splitting their time between your work and work for another client. There may be times when the workers you need to make important revisions are unavailable when you need them.

IT Outsourcing may lead to discontinuity
When workers are moved from project to project, knowledge that has been accumulated on a project is not retained. This slows down the pace of work and ultimately increases the cost of the project as new resources must learn processes being used on the project and be brought “up to speed.”

IT Outsourcing Is Costly
In order to have the right resources available for different projects, outsourcing companies have to keep many employees “on bench” waiting for projects. The cost of this employee down time is then passed on to future clients in higher costs.

TechGenies offers IT staff augmentation to our customers in low-cost near-shore and off-shore markets. Like a PEO, resources work at, and are paid by, TechGenies, but report directly, and exclusively, to the client.

Clients using TechGenies IT staff augmentation find that they save about 50% versus hiring full time IT staff and up to 25% over traditional IT outsourcing.

When you have a need for IT resources, contact TechGenies for a consultation at info@techgenies.com.

Mark (Maan) Hamdan
Mark (Maan) Hamdan