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Businesses have been turning to IT outsourcing, hoping to cut costs and get in front of a growing talent gap but the Software Staff Augmentation is changing the game with physical presence.

Historically, outsourcing has brought its benefits but has also been fraught with pains including slower turnaround times, gaps in business or domain knowledge, language or cultural barriers, challenges from time zone differences, and a general lack of control, to name a few challenges highlighted by CIO. While the advent of video chat, advanced collaboration tools, and embracing multiple software development models has helped solve some of these pain points, the reality is that using a vendor is always going to feel, to some degree, like employing an outsider. Unless, of course, you change the game of your IT staff augmentation by enabling real, physical presence and settling for nothing less than a technology partner.

A partner must be present, both physically and mentally, for your business, building it alongside you. That is precisely what we aim to do with each partnership we build at TechGenies.

Global Presence, Better Availability

Very few IT outsourcing solutions cultivate talent in multiple countries, opting instead to focus on a primary hub. TechGenies, across our many locations around the globe, discovers and develops top software talent in each location, enabling our partners to build the best solution for their individual business needs.

For example, one business may leverage both nearshoring and offshoring, establishing a software staff augmentation team in Mexico City and capitalizing on the ease of travel for face to face meetings from the US, and also establish a second software team in Lebanon, taking advantage of the time zones to accelerate agile software development.

Another company may build a team dispersed across all locations, building a network of software engineers who can innovate and drive a mobile app development project forward much more quickly, essentially working around the clock.

This flexibility addresses pain points that stem from working with just one office located in another time zone, and can actually improve turnaround time.

In addition, a global presence can help shore up IT operations against macro events, like geopolitical insecurity. Just this month, Gartner cautioned executives to review their operations for risk management opportunities on the heels of the U.S. – China trade wars and rising tension in Hong Kong. Businesses that don’t have a diverse strategy are left vulnerable to events well outside their control.

Establishing a trusted software development partnership, face-to-face

 One other key difference in having a partner situated physically near you is the ability to sit down face to face without extensive costs or logistical hurdles.

We’re able to build trust on a new level when our Genies can sit down beside you to talk through and help solve legal issues.

For example, even some legal experts highlight law isn’t always up to date with developments in Agile software development, and questions can crop up during development around, for example, obligations with a sprint, how those obligations are satisfied, Intellectual Property (IP) rights, pricing, maintenance and development, QA, or termination of the contract.

When business leaders can meet in person and hash out challenges – or even plan ahead of them – it can transform the conversation from transactional to partnership-building.

This model also enhances a business’s control over the operations and can manage cultural differences by employing a local office to support individual markets.

Cultivating a partnership to build your business for the future

 TechGenies works alongside its partners to ensure we’re adding all the right key values, including focusing on enhancing your business value long-term over skyrocketing profits temporarily. That’s a long-term lens that cultivates a real relationship.

No matter your business needs, our Genies will be there for your organization (actually there), whether you need to transform a specific country locale or to address a legal issue. Contact us today at info@techgenies.com to start building a lasting partnership.