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We use so much convoluted language in the workplace it even has a name: corporate jargon.

Regardless of whether you’re talking with a business that specializes in outsourced corporate development, IT staff augmentation services, or on-site software development, you’re often left navigating a sea of “general fees,” being told your software development project requires some “heavy lifting,” or  being promised a (very expensive) service that will really be “pushing the envelope.”

This vague language is the enemy of transparency. Instead, you should, for example, understand each specific fee, see a clear, detailed description of each step and player involved in mobile website development services, and understand the previous experience the top talent engineers staffing your project have in developing cutting-edge solutions, like implementing an Internet of Things infrastructure in the retail sector.

When it comes to transparency, every company should set the bar high, and refuse to budge on three critical

  1. What is the businesses’ long term goal?
  2. How do people within the business communicate?
  3. Who are the employees ultimately accountable to?

A serious commitment to transparency shouldn’t just be something you demand of your own business – it should be something you demand of every partner who supports you along the way.

The End Game: Outsourced Product Development Companies

Where a business wants to be is the best predictor of how it will act. Imagine you’ve reached out to a company looking to outsource software support. The third party’s ultimate goal is to expand their business globally, and their pricing model – based just by the project – indicates so. In order to juggle the building business, they switch software engineers on and off your project. The end result: a very bug-ridden piece of software.

This is why TechGenies’ end game is our client’s success – we succeed when our clients succeed, which means it’s in everyone’s best interest to put the right people on the right project – for the duration of the project.

We’re also deeply transparent about who is working on your project – because you’re the one who picks your Genies.

This transparent approach means our partners receive the benefits of IT talent specifically selected based on individual company culture and business needs. You’re involved along the way in the section process, without getting bogged down by the administrative tasks in sourcing, recruiting, and screening candidates together. Transparency – but without all the paperwork.

Let’s Talk About it: Staying Connected to your Nearshore Vs. Offshore Outsourcing Partners

Communication is a crucial factor in transparency. Especially when it comes to areas that require expertise, those without said expertise really only know what they’re told.

Horror stories abound about outsourced talent with deep language barriers and little working-day availability. But excellent communication and IT outsourcing don’t have to be mutually exclusive: it’s all in the design of the IT staff augmentation.

For example, TechGenies might create a team of on-demand developers that blends nearshoring in a Mexico office and offshoring in a Lebanese office. In-person communication from the U.S. can happen relatively easily in Mexico, and the global team can continue to have necessary workflow meetings.

Is daily scrum recommended for collocated teams? Yes – it’s 2020, and the technology enables us to do this. Of course, we have lots of recommendations for how you can make the most of virtual teams, but sitting in different places shouldn’t halt productive regular communication.

And the frequency of communication is just one factor. Communication also has to have substance to create transparency. Did the QA surface some concerns with data security? Those concerns should be immediately, and clearly, communicated.

The stakes are too high not to mandate transparency, as a security issue brushed under the rug could be detrimental to a brand’s reputation, its customer base, or its bottom line.

Accountability in IT Outsourcing Solutions

Finally, you need to know who your partner is accountable to. Is it your business, or theirs?

At TechGenies, we’re transparent with our partners and our Genies about who is really in charge: our partners. Even though we do recruit Genies who are already experts in a vast number of areas, ranging from QA usability testing to infographic software development, we don’t expect our Genies to adhere to a specific “TechGenies way” – we expect to them to become part of your team as if they’d been hired directly.

When your software development provider is accountable to your business, transparency is naturally cultivated.

We’re also accountable to end-users and consumers. In fact, Gartner named Transparency and Traceability in its top 10 strategic technology trends, citing the growing need for technology, actions, and even attitudes to ensure our technology stays ethnical with AI and Machine Learning and data privacy.

Don’t let your crucial enterprise projects flounder in a sea of “we’ll be in touch.” Instead, find a technology partner who not only knows what they’re talking about but will talk to you about it clearly and regularly. That’s the kind of transparency that accomplishes things. Tell us what you need from your technology partner at info@techgenies.com.