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Haitham Saab

Managing Partner, MENA

Haitham is the Managing Partner, MENA, a global software development company with years of experience in delivering cutting edge, custom solutions to a wide range of verticals and industries.

Haitham is also the CEO of HR Technology in MENA, a member of TechGenies Group and an authorized reseller for Deltek LLC, a global provider of HRIS and talent management software technology and services.

Haitham worked as Director at HRsmart in the Middle East for 7 years, managing the HRsmart operation in the Philippines for two years until it was acquired by Deltek LLC in 2015. He also worked as Chief Accountant at Razin Group Holding for 5 years, and as External Auditor at an Audit Firm in Beirut for 2 years.

As a visionary, a social activist and a business and community developer, Haitham founded Shouf Entrepreneur an extension to the Lebanese technology & innovation ecosystem in rural areas starting from Shouf in Mount Lebanon. A unique non-profit model base on volunteering, Shouf Entrepreneur focuses on building personnel and business capacities, and developing the entrepreneurial mindset of rural youth and women, in order to inspire rural, national, economic, and social development and growth.

Haitham holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and tries to always find time always for sports, especially his favorite, swimming.