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In the U.S., confirmed COVID-19 cases are now approaching two million at the time of this post, and the top U.S. infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, grimly predicted at a recent conference “…it isn’t over yet,” according to the New York Times.

As if that weren’t enough, the effects of the pandemic have plunged the U.S. into a recession, with job openings in the country dipping to the lowest total (just above 5 million) since December 2014, CNBC reported

For business owners trying to navigate an environment that has now been exhaustively dubbed “unprecedented,” lowering costs and boosting productivity are essential pillars to surviving, and eventually thriving, in a lean time. Implementing Effective Software Solutions For Remote Work can unlock more connectedness across a remote workforce and improve productivity – for what is often a relatively low cost. 

Ready for some good news? You can find a lot of great SaaS deals right now to help support your business as you navigate challenges wrought by COVID-19. 

Here, The Effective Software Solutions For Remote Work

  1. For the designers. Canva helps employees create designs and collaborate, and its Enterprise offering includes advanced features to support productivity, customization, collaboration, and brand management. The deal: Canva for Enterprise is free for 6 months
  2. For your marketing campaigns. Mailchimp helps marketers garner insights about their customers in its CRM, build campaigns and create data-driven insights on campaign performance. The deal: For eligible business groups, it’s free right now.
  3. For your marketing and sales CRM. HubSpots marketing, sales, and service software include free CRM.
    The deal: Customer and Prospective Customers can enjoy reduced first-year costs of the Starter Growth Suite until July 31, 2020, and existing customers have increased limits on marketing email sends and calling until August 30, 2020
  4. For your landing pages, popups, or sticky bars. Unbounce helps users create and optimize dedicated landing pages to help direct website traffic.The deal: Healthcare, education, nonprofit, and government businesses can access Unbounce free until August 31.
  5. To organize, track, and manage your workflow. Asana’s web and mobile app help streamline teamwork.The deal: nonprofits working in medical research and disaster recovery response relating to COVID-19 can receive a free one-year subscription to Asana Business.
  6. To manage your social media. Publishing, collaboration, and analytics solution SocialPilot always prides itself on lower costs compared to competitors, as well as the ability to accommodate social media accounts outside the big names.The deal: SocialPilot is offering its most popular plan to new customers for just $1 per month for the next two months.
  7. To hear from your customers. Automated survey and analytics software solution SatisMeter helps business monitor their Net Promoter Score (NPS) and identify user pain points to inform road maps.The deal: Businesses can implement a free COVID-19 customer health report.
  8. To stay productive and connected. Microsoft Teams allows teams to chat, meet via video, call, and collaborate from any location.The deal: Sign up for free to try unlimited chat, video calling, file sharing, and storage.
  9. For your security needs. Cybersecurity technology provider Bitdefender provides security products and threat intelligence for businesses, devices, networks, and cloud services.The deal: Any healthcare organization can receive up to 12 months of free enterprise-grade security.
  10. For your HR team. Recognition and rewards program solution Nectar takes a social approach to recognition for small to mid-sized businesses.The deal: Select businesses can receive a free 6-month subscription.
  11. For your secure content. Cloud content management and file sharing service Box enables collaboration, simplifies workflows and integrates with apps, all with an emphasis on flexibility security to help protect sensitive data.The deal: A free 90-day Box Business trial.

Outsource software support

If your in-house IT team is already stretched thin supporting a suddenly remote employee base, bolstering security, and troubleshooting home office issues, your business doesn’t have to forego helpful software options that can up your game during this time. Whether you need some technology consultation or to expand your IT talent, our Genies are ready to help. Contact info@techgenies.com today to learn how we can help provide exactly what your business needs, and help your team reach its maximum potential.