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As organizations embrace digital transformations, they’re increasingly putting tools at their employees’ (and customers’) fingertips. By next year, mobile app store downloads globally are expected to reach 284 billion, according to App Annie’s Mobile App Forecast. Customer in-app spending broke records this past quarter, topping $23 Billion, according to the market intelligence firm.

By 2021, mobile commerce spend is expected to exceed $6 Trillion.

In other words, Custom Mobile App Development matters tremendously for an organization looking to stay relevant, and along with that, cross-platform solutions are essential.

While mobile usage continues to skyrocket, no single platform has emerged ubiquitously, with users dispersed across Apple’s iOS, Android and Windows, primarily. Historically, many developers simply built native applications for each operating system, completely recording for each system.

Is app development part of your company’s business plan? If it is, you’ll want to ensure you consider cross-platform solutions; otherwise, your organization could wind up limited by operating systems or stuck developing something three times over to work across employee devices. Today, savvy developers can avoid this cumbersome process by employing a cross-platform solution.

Cross-Platform Custom Mobile App Development

Enterprise apps, which are internal solutions aimed at the workforce, are poised to revolutionize business. When developed well, an enterprise application can yield three critical gains:

1. Boost productivity with more informed and control production and inventory.
2. Empower and inform field workers with unprecedented access to data.
3. Enhance intelligence by applying big data analytics to better predict outcomes.

And, according to Forbes, it’s now easier than ever for businesses to embrace custom app development to create mobile applications that can maximize these benefits. Despite a growing talent gap in the IT space, businesses are increasingly hiring remote software developers, who are already experienced with development.

In development, mobility is key, particularly for any staff that doesn’t sit on premise most of the time: a salesforce, factory workers or warehouse employees. And if mobility is key, cross-platform solutions are equally vital to maximize the gains of a custom app.

What is a Cross-Platform Solution?

A cross-platform solution is one that is compatible across multiple operating systems. Businesses can accomplish cross-platform development by applying several frameworks. Some examples include:

1. Hire a java developer and take a hybrid approach. By writing the core of the application in JavaScript (or HTML5), a developer can streamline the process with a native device wrapper.

2. Employ UX design tools for windows. Developers can create a codebase for all Windows devices, allowing use across devices (PCs, tablets, smartwatches, Xboxes or smartphones).

3. Couple C# with .NET development within a framework that enables source code reuse.

Each app development project comes with unique needs and requirements, and determining the right approach depends on the specific features of a project.

Don’t let anyone suggest one approach is always best.

5 Things to Tell Your App Development Team

1. What is the driving purpose behind building the app? The reason should be more specific than “to get more customers,” or the functionality is likely to be sub-par.

2. Who will the users of your app be? Understanding who will be using the app will guide how it is developed.

3. What is your timeframe and budget and what are the ideal operating systems for your application? An expert mobile app development company can advise on the right framework for your specific app development project.

4. What special features are required? For example, if users need to access their cameras, coding this function is another consideration.

5. How do you want your app to look? You need to think outside one specific platform to establish the right vision for the application, and a quality app development team will be able to create variations that work best for each operating system.

Cross-Platform App Development Commandments

Finally, throughout the selection process for a custom app development company or expert, follow these commandments to ensure the best outcome.

1. Always keep cross-platform top of mind. Anything else shouldn’t be discussed as an option. Android has 86.7% of the market share globally, but in the US the split is closer to 50%. In other words, you shouldn’t let anyone talk you into developing for just one app, unless you’re comfortable shaving off a sizable chunk of your potential audience.

2. Create and communicate your expectations for the user experience – agnostic of one specific platform.

3. Review User Feedback at a platform level. Not only do you need to source user feedback, you need to examine it by platform, as this feedback can help isolate issues stemming from just one platform.

4. Establish QA Testing services by platform. While the driving vision should be cross-platform, QA testing must be per-platform to isolate any issues in development.

5. Plan for upgrades and maintenance. Even if your project was flawless the first time around (and, realistically, you’ll still need upgrades and patches), the platforms themselves are constantly undergoing changes that require additional releases. Don’t overlook this in your planning.

Your business is evolving, and so is the mobile landscape.

Our Genies have the experience and vision to help you determine the right mobile app development framework for your business today – and its needs in the future. Contact us at info@techgenies.com to start a conversation about your cross-platform development needs.

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