Software Development Company roles are exploding.
Between 2018 and 2028, job growth is expected to increase by 26 percent, a dramatic jump compared to other industries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Even as businesses grapple with a widening talent gap to meet that voracious demand, for business leaders today, there are a plethora of software development partners to choose from, and decisions to be made around whether nearshoring vs. offshoring is the right fit and whether the business really understands the difference between managed services and staff augmentation.

Choosing a strategic Software Development Company for any IT development project is critical to meeting business needs, as today, IT touches every facet of the business, propping up new ideas across the organization.

Every dollar invested in innovation in any area of a business requires an additional $7 supporting IT execution, according to Gartner research vice president and analyst Claudio Darold.

And of course, horror stories of outsourcing gone wrong are prolific, typically centering on communication, quality, and control challenges. As with most things, who you partner with dictates how you feel about the partnership.

In order to parse through the best offshore or nearshore development companies, business leaders need to vet custom software development companies and carefully understand two key areas: the organizational focus and the depth of personalization.

Staying Focused on Outsourced Corporate Development

At TechGenies, our focus is on growing the equity of our partners, recognizing that the bigger the company, the greater its value. We’re unique in this regard as we’re able to focus on building value for our partners without collecting on profit like many other options on the market do.

In the immediate, it may seem difficult to distinguish how this is different, but because our Genies have their eyes on your company’s value increase, they’re always looking long term to the most sustainable, scalable, and efficient solution – not just the development that will cause a short-term surge in profit.

Because our Genies are in it for the long haul, we want to develop mobile applications, establish cloud monitoring and management, and create AI and cybersecurity solutions that not only make sense today but can scale and modernize tomorrow, so we all benefit from your businesses’ growing equity.

Quality plays a key role here as well. Developers who are paid by the project or incentivized for meeting a deadline may be tempted to cut corners or push out an end product that is sub-par in the long term. But since TechGenies focuses on boosting equity, we only win with a quality technology propping up a successful business.

Personalization Depth in an Outsourced Development Team

Communication is one of the other top complaints levied at outsourcing or nearshoring teams. But when leveraged correctly, a globally dispersed team can actually enrich your ability to personalize your technology for a local market.

TechGenies has offices around the globe, which enables our partners to enjoy advantages across time zones, and to maximize personalization for local markets, even at global organizations.

For example, a business working with customers based in Mexico may employ an English-speaking developer to support a custom app development project. But they could also leverage a Spanish-speaking Mexican app developer who can add local, linguistic value – and then employ a developer in Lebanon to do the same thing in the Middle East.

You can lean on TechGenies’ global presence to partner alongside you to develop locally-relevant, valuable products around the globe. Get started today by contacting