Despite Michael Scott’s dismal perspective on the Human Resources (HR) function in The Office, HR professionals perform myriad essential functions for businesses of any sizes – or they can, when businesses have the people power and the budget to staff recruiting, staffing and training teams that can meet the needs of the business.

In fact, simply delivering core functions requires a minimum number of HR employees regardless of company size, according to a recent study from the Society of Human Resources. Small organizations typically saw a reported 3.4 HR-to-employee ratio, while larger business, once the core established staff was hired, could reduce the ratio as high as 1.03 at employees with 1,001 or more employees, according to the report.

For many startups just beginning to scale and grappling with limited resources, the lack of resources to find IT talent and a growing need for IT talent can become an innovation-halting conundrum – unless businesses turn to experts to handle this process for them.

Of course, choosing from the many IT outsourcing services companies on the market today can seem overwhelming – unless business leaders understand which working models will benefit their business most.

IT Outsourcing Services Companies Should Expect

When it comes to IT staff augmentation, whether your business is employing nearshoring vs. offshoring, the bottom line is transparency.

Transparency is an essential component of a successful, value-driving hiring model because it allows your business to shape the staffing model your specific business needs. Two critical driving factors should be working directly for clients, and customizing talent.

This approach mirrors what an in-house recruiting team would do: specifically select the right individuals to match the company culture and the current, and future, business needs. Agencies that recruit to bolster their own rosters must look for generically good candidates who are widely good for any role, but not specifically perfect for your unique business.

In practice, this can mean the different between a generic hire for staffing generally top talent engineers or sourcing a highly skilled software engineer who is also an expert in Agile software development and experience in established an approach for making daily scrum recommended for co-located teams – exactly what you need, instead of kind of what you need.

TechGenies: Full Transparency in IT Outsourcing Solutions

Transparency is the focal point of the TechGenies model.

Our rigorous screening process, which includes multiple rounds of interviews and skills testing, enables us to filter through IT talent to source only the top IT talent specific to each partner’s needs. Not only do business leaders have the final say in who joins the team, but they also have the option to participate in a final interview.

Our partners enjoy the benefits of staff hired directly, specifically tailored to the company culture and business needs, without having to invest hours into finding, recruiting, and screening candidates along the way. And because they’re in the loop from start to finish, they can feel confident we sent them the very best Genies for the job.

We’re also transparent with our partners and our Genies about who is really in charge: our partners. While our Genies do possess a wealth of prior experience in everything ranging from QA usability testing to retail analytics to infographic software development, they aren’t beholden to any TechGenies way – our partner’s way is the way because the Genies you hire contribute as if you hired them directly. It’s that simple.

At TechGenies, we’re committed to transparency and our clients’ best interests. Save your business leaders the pain of a rigorous hiring processes, but enjoy all the benefits of ours. Learn how we can employ our successful hiring process for you today by contacting