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Companies around the world are feeling the effects of changes in the economy, especially when it comes to staffing. With reports stating that there were 10.4 million job openings in August 2021, it’s easy to see that there is no shortage in available positions. However, while hiring has increased,  HR leaders are facing a significant shortage in qualified talent.

This staffing shortage has had a significant impact on companies looking to hire IT professionals. In fact the Tech industry has averaged 13,000 new jobs each month so far in 2021, with very few being filled. This has left HR leaders scrambling to find quality IT staff to meet business demands. 

As the IT talent shortage continues, companies are looking for alternative solutions to meet their workforce needs. One of the most popular and effective solutions is to partner with an IT staffing company that specializes in staff augmentation. 

Top 4 Benefits of Utilizing IT Staff Augmentation

To put it simply, IT staff augmentation is the process of adding highly skilled IT professionals to your existing workforce for a specified time to work on a specific project. 

Now that you have a better understanding of why so many companies are turning to staff augmentation, let’s take a look at the top four benefits of utilizing this innovative resource.


1. Gain Access to High-Quality IT Professionals

A huge benefit of IT staff augmentation is that it opens up doors to very distinct skill sets. When you consider that unemployment among highly skilled IT professionals is almost non-existent, staff augmentation is the perfect option. 

By partnering with an IT staffing partner, like TechGenies, employers can gain access to IT professionals with top proficiencies for the job—bringing the full force of their expertise to the company. And you’re also getting a very focused and unbiased workforce as dedicated employees hired to undertake specific projects and meet firm deadlines approach tasks with precision and focus. Their main goal is to ensure success on the specific projects they’ve been tasked with.

Additionally, the skill specific talent gained through staff augmentation provides an edge over your competitors by adding some domain-centric knowledge to your operational framework. The presence of external talent also allows companies to reach out for projects outside their typical markets.

2. Ensure Long-Term Staffing Flexibility

Providing staff flexibility is one of the foremost benefits of staff augmentation as it allows organizations to hire employees to suit short-term and project-based needs. Having this flexibility gives companies a competitive advantage as they are not as susceptible to economic pitfalls. 

Taking advantage of staff augmentation to ensure long-term staffing flexibility also helps companies to:

  • Improve retention rates of in-house employees
  • Reduce the risk of making costly decisions when hiring
  • Provide opportunity to bring in IT professionals with niche expertise 
  • Give your HR department and leadership team peace of mind

3. Achieve Faster Project Ramp-up

There is  a sense of urgency attached to many IT projects and staff augmentation allows companies to expedite their hiring process and hit the ground running. Especially because the process doesn’t involve your HR team to conduct extensive interviews.

As you know, recruitment can be a time-consuming process, and the truth is there is no guarantee that the hire will deliver what is expected of them. It can take weeks and even months to find the perfect fit for a specific opening. With staff augmentation, there is a guarantee that you are getting a professional with the right skill set for the job. 

Having access to an extensive database of IT professionals that includes details about their qualifications, training, and experience, ensures the right fit for the project and removes those time consuming and tedious details from your hiring process. 

This benefit is enhanced when your IT staffing partner provides training to get your new hire up-to-speed quickly. Projects can be confidently started immediately which also saves time from what can sometimes be a lengthy ramping up process.  

4. Develop a Scalable IT Staffing Process 

Once you’ve brought on a qualified team of IT professionals, and are knee-deep on new technology, the last thing you want to do is go through the process again. Scaling up and down can be difficult for a business as operational continuity becomes impossible. 

And when you consider the typical ebbs and flows in the need for projects, staying scaled up at all times just doesn’t make sense financially. To end the tail chasing of constantly adjusting the scale of your business, staff augmentation is an ideal solution. 

Developing a long-term partnership with a staff augmentation partner gives you the ability to scale up your workforce during major projects that arise. Once completed, you can then scale back down so your internal teams can handle the workflow. Having access to these on-demand staffing services helps save you the time and resources needed to onboard new team members every time you have an IT project that requires special attention. 

TechGenies is here to help you achieve these benefits with our top IT talent and extensive staff augmentation experience. Whether you need a staffing partner for custom software development, an AI implantation, or a complete IT staffing strategy overhaul. TechGenies can support your business with the right technology and staffing solutions.

Bharat Sharma
Bharat Sharma